Slimming Treatments

We live in Cali, we love showing off our bodies. Why not try our slimming treatments, you’ll be obsessed with yourself!

Slim, firm, reshape + beautiful skin

After a showerless, rinseless scrub polishes the skin to a satin finish, a contouring massage balm is used with specific techniques to reshape the figure, boost fat burning, and firm the skin. This scrub and massage combo allows you to relax, slim, and gain a glowing complexion at the same time! For dramatic slimming, reshaping results, enjoy this massage in a series.

  • 60 min $135

5 treatment package $575

Anti-aging, firming after weightloss or childbirth, post sun

During this anti-aging and detoxifying body wrap every detail is looked after while cocooned in firming body gel, rich in anti-aging sea minerals. Skin toning extracts are absorbed as you receive a soothing massage to penetrate all of the firming elixir to immediately hydrate, tighten, and stimulate the skin. After repeated use, a long-term anti-aging affect will be noticed on skin lacking elasticity due to childbirth, sun damage, or significant weight loss.

  • 50 min $125
Formerly Cellulite Lipomassage

Post surgical, orange peel skin, firming, reshape

Rubs away the “lumpiness” using The Wellbox Lipomassage Cellulite & Fat reduction. This device is based on the most efficient non-invasive professional technique cleared by the FDA for reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Wellbox is also a highly effective post-operative healing device to use following liposuction, tummy tuck, or any body plastic surgery to help stimulate circulation, reduce swelling and bruising, treat lumpiness that can occur following surgery. Lipomassage can also help achieve a radiant appearance through its delicate exfoliation mechanism and achieve rejuvenated skin through its optimized microcirculation mechanism that oxygenates and brings precious nutrients to the skin. Manual massage using Phytomer Contour Balm is use in conjuction to assist soothes away the “lumpiness” using a kneading and rollers massage techinique that penetrate deep into the affected body tissue. The cellulite massage can Improved circulation which softens the fatty areas and releases them over time. The kneading and gentle rubbing of the muscles and fat soothes tensed muscles and improves blood flow, it also works by targeting the lymphatic system and draining the accumulated fluid.
For this type of treatment several sessions are needed to achieve best result.

  • 50 minutes $100

5 treatment package $450
10 treatment package $850