Scrubs & Wraps

These treatments are great for improving circulation as well as removing dead skin. Often used to prepare the skin for other services such as massage or hydrotherapy.

(Eco-Friendly & Water less)

A completely waterless eco-friendly body treatment from Phytomer that begins with a gentle exfoliation to remove all traces of dull skin cells. Then an invigorating dry brush body scrub reveals ultra-smooth skin, followed by a creamy marine extracts body milk that is applied to leave you feeling completely hydrated.
Uses a dry towel to remove product

  • 30 minutes $85
Gently exfoliate & moisturize

A moisturizing exfoliant, containing sea-derived granules, will gently slough dead cells away, while the creamy base hydrates the thirstiest skin. Each scrub is customized with the addition of a boosting serum to target relaxation, invigoration, deep cleansing, or firming. The body is left fully moisturized and silky smooth

  • 30 min $95
Intensely exfoliate & Smooth

A thorough body exfoliation is a wonderful way to rid the skin of dead dry cells. Doing so helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and creates a smooth, glowing appearance. After the skin is deeply cleansed and revitalized with marine salt crystals and algae oils, a final application of quenching moisturizers will leave your body radiant and tingling with renewed life.

  • 30 min $85
(Anti-aging, firming after weight-loss or childbirth, post sun – Eco-Friendly & Water less)

During this anti-aging and detoxifying body wrap every detail is looked after while cocooned in firming body gel, rich in anti-aging sea minerals. Skin toning extracts are absorbed as you receive a soothing massage to penetrate all of the firming elixir to immediately hydrate, tighten, and stimulate the skin. After repeated use, a long-term anti-aging affect will be noticed on skin lacking elasticity due to childbirth, sun damage, or significant weight loss.

  • 50 min $125
Muscle melter, tissue detox

For tight muscles, joints, and tendons an intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn from deep with in. This treatment leaves your body detoxified, remineralized, and fully oxygenated. Awake from relaxation to a refreshing shower and an application of rich body cream, which leaves the surface of the body as beautifully transformed as the inside

  • 50 min $165
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Add-on Options

Self-Heating Mud Foot Wrap (Only available for wraps)
Marine mud applied to the soles of the feet gently pulls toxins from the body. – $25

Paraffin Foot Treatment (Only available for wraps)
Paraffin is applied to the feet providing more moisture, and healthier looking skin. – $20

Scalp Massage (Adds 30-min, available only for scrubs)
Massage of the head, neck, and shoulders, a great way to enhance your relaxation. – $45